Hush's 'London In Blossom' Menu Is Every Foodie Instagrammer's Fantasy

Hush, Mayfair. ★★★★☆

Robert Greene
By Robert Greene Last edited 54 months ago
Hush's 'London In Blossom' Menu Is Every Foodie Instagrammer's Fantasy Hush, Mayfair. 4
Summer garden salad.

Flower-covered cafés, verdant rooftop bars, floral window displays; the sun has emerged, transforming London into a giant Instagram feed. Among the pretty-in-pink pop-ups we find the ‘London in Blossom’ courtyard at Hush.

Stepping through the statement floral arch and onto the immaculately manicured lawn (it’s not real), we find ourselves seduced by the chimera of the fairytale courtyard.

There is something magical about the new ‘London is Blossom’ menu too, where the floral theme pervades throughout. While the trellis may feature a plastic petunia or two, the elderflower in your salad is perfectly edible, our waiter assures us.

To kick start our floral feast, we try a couple of the botanical cocktails: Clover Club and Cool as a Cucumber. The first is the perfect tipple if you have a sweet tooth: the gin is barely decipherable over the raspberry syrup. The second lives up to its name: it’s is a refreshing thirst-quencher of mint, elderflower and cucumber (and gin of course). We later try the Orange Sunshine, which is not our favourite; if you don’t like orange bitters we advise you to steer clear.

Cool as a Cucumber; Clover Club.

For starters we order the burrata and the summer garden salad. The burrata is just that: burrata, albeit mashed up on a plate. While it may not be as Insta-worthy as the salad, it is still palatable. The drizzle of honey adds a subtle sweetness, while the almonds offer a pleasant crunch.


The garden salad is more befitting of the floral courtyard — a bed of colourful leaves topped with a handful of vibrant (and edible) flowers. The flavours and textures are delicate, offset by the salty feta and acidic dressing. Our only gripe is the amount of dressing, which is a little oily for our liking.

For our mains we try the fragrant sweet potato mash and the cacio pepe tortellini. The sweet potato is the more bewitching of the two. It is served in a dainty pot, with layers of wild mushrooms concealing a bed of creamy mash.

Fragrant sweet potato mash.

The cacio pepe tortellini is covered in a sea of white creamy sauce. The garden peas inject a sprinkling of colour. The dish is a decadent as it looks: salty cheese-stuffed pasta lathered in velvety, cream sauce. It’s a perfect post-salad plate.

Cacio pepe tortellini.

Our pudding is Turkish delight sundae, a bowl of raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream topped with Turkish delight and served with a side of warm chocolate sauce. It is the highlight of the meal. The variety of flavours and textures holdyour interest to the very last bite, at which point we wish we had eaten more slowly.

Turkish delight sundae.

For all the disgruntled conversation about London’s faux-floral transformation, we can at least confirm that ‘London in Blossom’ at Hush serves a lot more than a pretty picture.

Hush, 8 Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1EY

Last Updated 18 May 2018