You Get A Different Class Of Late Night Kebab At Duck And Waffle

Late Menu, Duck & Waffle ★★★★☆

Tabish Khan
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You Get A Different Class Of Late Night Kebab At Duck And Waffle Late Menu, Duck & Waffle 4
The duck kebab is the perfect classy late night snack.

The Museum of London currently has a fantastic photography exhibition looking at late night London. Part of nocturnal London is late night eating, as shown by a photo of an eel stand in the exhibition.

Dodgy kebab shops serve their purpose, but when we fancy dining in style in the small hours, Duck & Waffle is the way to go, with its stunning views of London from the 40th floor of the Heron Tower and 24/7 opening hours.

The smoked eel croquettes are a tasty appetiser.

This is why the museum has teamed up with Duck & Waffle to create a few new additions to its late night menu, served 11pm-5am. The eel croquettes are a tasty morsel, and eels have been used to fuel Londoners since Roman times, so it sounds like the right snack once we're flagging on a late night.

The duck kebab has just the right amount of spice, the meat tough enough that it can match the texture of lamb while still retaining the taste of duck. This being Duck and Waffle, we don't want to be creating a mess trying to scarf down a closed wrap, but fortunately the kebab is served open, and we tackle it with a civilised knife and fork. It's great to see a dish now associated with drunken stumblings home elevated to fine dining.

This photo by Henry Grant shows a jellied eel stand from 1962.

It may seem a shame to have only two new dishes but it's understandable given so many of the other dishes on Duck and Waffle's menu have a London-y vibe anyhow. The smoked eel is firm and tastes even better than the eel croquettes.

The duck doughnut is a real medley of flavours to get used to. The paprika sugar and pineapple jam provides the sweetness while the duck offsets it with savoury. It's the only dish we're lukewarm to — it feels like too many flavours fighting with each other.

The duck doughnut is a real medley of flavours.

Dessert may not have a London slant to it, but the excellent carrot cake is well worth a mention; not too sweet, a strong carrot taste which is often missing in other carrot cakes, and the perfect level of moisture.

Once we're done, we look out the window at night time London and imagine all the activities taking place that are captured over at the London Nights exhibition — from those partying hard, to the wanderers exploring the parts of our city that are more peaceful after dark.

Duck & Waffle's late night menu is served 11pm-5am every day. Diners who purchase either the eel croquettes or duck kebab before 30 September 2018 will get 40% off tickets to London Nights at Museum of London. Visitors to the exhibition can present their ticket stub at Duck & Waffle to receive a free glass of champagne (Sunday-Thursday, and after 11pm only). The meal in this review would cost circa £65 for two excluding drinks.

Last Updated 15 August 2018