We're Getting Fired Up About This Hot Sauce Festival In Peckham

We're Getting Fired Up About This Hot Sauce Festival In Peckham
People holding bottles of hot sauce to camera
Over 40 purveyors of fiery elixirs will be in attendance. Image: Alistair Veryard

If you enjoy the spicier things in life, there's an annual festival in Peckham to really get fired up about.

On Saturday 11 May 2024, the Hot Sauce Society Festival makes its fiery comeback at Copeland Park. Over 40 independent hot sauce makers are dishing up their scorching elixirs, including Maame T's Pepper Sauces, the innovative concoctions of SaucyBitch and Lazy Scientist, punchy Asian chilli oils from Yep Kitchen and Chilli Chans, traditional heat from Heriot Hott, and the zest of Little O's Hot Sauce.

A woman with her face painted with flames
The festival's for serious fans of the flaming hot. Image: Alistair Veryard

Though sauces can be tasted neat, you can also dig into Lucky's Chicken's Nashville hot chicken, as well as fiery (and not-so-fiery) food from Yang's Noods, Oh My Dog! and Meldown. Fortunately, you can put out the fire in your mouth, with drink offerings from Gipsy Hill Brewery, Cazcabel Tequila and Cut Rum. And there's ice cream from Marcello's too. Phew.

A man dabbing his eyes among a crowd of chilli eaters
You'll see plenty of people with tears rolling down their faces. Hopefully it's just the sauce doing that. Image: Alistair Veryard

Napalming your taste buds aside, the festival sees the Hot Sauce Society Awards, while Hop Burns and Black (local peddlers of beer, chilli sauce and vinyl) present Chilli Karaoke, where you're invited to sing your heart out while battling the heat of a scotch bonnet. (Songs, we would hope, would include Hot in Herre, Heatwave... and absolutely anything by Red Hot Chili Peppers.)

Hot Sauce Society Festival, Peckham, 11 May 2024

Last Updated 04 April 2024

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