The Gravy Fondue: Will You Be Dipping Into London's Winter Food Trend?

The Gravy Fondue: Will You Be Dipping Into London's Winter Food Trend?

In which we dip our toes/pigs in blankets into the winter food trend that is gravy fondue.

A gravy fondue with all the trimmings
Gravy fondue has arrived... at last?

What have we got here then? The latest winter craze — no, it's not rooftop igloos, curling on a barge or bobsledding through a deconsecrated church ... it's gravy fondue, my friends!

Sorry, gravy fondue? Or to use its full title 'viral gravy fondue', which conjures up unfortunate images of those great big bubbling cauldrons of gravy you get at Toby Carvery that punters relish coughing next to. The 'viral' element in this case, though, is that everyone's supposed to be talking about it. And to be fair, we are.

Explain please. Every Sunday, Lucky Club in Camden is serving up whacking great vats of gravy, orbited by sharing plates of potatoes, Yorkshire puds, seasonal veg and pigs in blankets. You use fondue forks to dip your broccoli shards and boiled potatoes into the slick of warm brown substance. You enjoy a communal feast, which feels a bit like an après-ski in Barnsley. You possibly wish the gravy was emmental.

It's a novelty Sunday roast, with the gravy unwittingly thrust into the lead role isn't it? That is not for us to say, although in the interest of transparency, the person typing these questions and answers are one and the same. So to answer your/my original question, yes.

Is there a vegan version? Come on, folks, this is 2024 — of course there's a vegan option! (Oh and btw meat eaters, those pigs in blankets are a fiver add-on.)

Is there a cheese version? Yes actually.

So who exactly is the gravy fondue aimed at? Presumably anyone who feels that London's usual roast dinners are somewhat deficient in the gravy department (and let's be frank, they all-too-often are). One particular London food blogger springs to mind — his name is Lord Gravy.

Viral gravy fondue, The Lucky Club, every Sunday in Jan and Feb 2024, 12pm-8pm, £18-£20pp (+£5 for pigs in blankets)

Last Updated 16 January 2024