Food Review: DIY Hot Pot In Chinatown

Hot Pot ★★★☆☆

Eleana Overett
By Eleana Overett Last edited 16 months ago
Food Review: DIY Hot Pot In Chinatown Hot Pot 3

Eating in London can feel a little like a rat race with people in the queue at the door eyeing up your seats when you've barely sat down. But the folksat Hot Pot encouraged us to take our time over their spicy broths cooked in front of us on our table's hot plate.

Milder palates will want the chicken or vegetable soups — only those really prepared for a spice challenge should attempt the Mala Sichuan. Next we selected our ingredients, from plump shrimp to strips of beef supplemented by sides of pak choi and potato.

As it bubbled away in front of us, we chose a multitude of sauces from the sauce bar (we'd recommend the Korean gochujang sauce for a good kick). Some of us loved the do-it-yourself aspect, while the others found if difficult figuring out when the ingredients were cooked properly. The soups were a little lacking in flavour and could do with being thicker, but the meats were tender and tasty. Unlimited condiments meant every bite could taste different, but the real highlight was the sweet and soft coconut pancake dessert. It was certainly an experience, but we can understand the common gripe that it's a pretty pricey experience for a meal you essentially cook yourself.

Hot Pot, 17 Wardour Street, W1D 6PJ

Last Updated 06 September 2017