Find Restaurants That Have Pivoted To Takeaway On This Handy Map

Harry Rosehill
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Find Restaurants That Have Pivoted To Takeaway On This Handy Map

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Image: Still Serving

Restaurants across the city have closed their doors... but that doesn't mean they're not still serving.

Lots of restaurants have pivoted to being takeaway and delivery only. And now there's a map that's cataloguing these restaurants across London, so if you're not feeling up to boiling another pot of pasta — or simply want to treat yourself — you can. Meet Still Serving.

By ordering off one of these websites you're not just doing yourself some good. You're also helping out London's restaurants, many of which have seen their business thrown into immediate jeopardy due to the loss of custom caused by coronavirus.

You might be thinking, why not just browse Deliveroo or Uber Eats? Well, lots of restaurants have set up their own delivery services, because the cut those apps take can mean the margin the restaurant makes is tiny. That isn't ideal at the best of times... and this certainly isn't the best of times.

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Last Updated 26 March 2020