Naughty But Nice! Erotic Cupcake Class Comes To Town

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Naughty But Nice! Erotic Cupcake Class Comes To Town

They're naughty, they're nice, they're erotic cupcakes. And now you can learn to make them.

Mary Lou leads the class

A new class in Covent Garden teaches Londoners how to decorate cup cakes with sweet penises and vaginas (or vulvas, to be precise). You needn't possess Bake Off-level skills to get stuck in — just a willingness to craft rather rude shapes from frosting, and use plenty of sprinkles to create edible pubes.

Teacher Mary Lou shares intriguing facts about genitals along the way, and this is one workshop where (certain) expletives are actively encouraged.

At the end, you go away with a box of six naughty cakes — an unusual gift for someone (very) close to you. Or, if you're in the mood, just scoff 'em all yourself.

The first class is on 25 April — and there are plans for more to follow.

Says Mary Lou:

I ran my own cake business for nine years and I used to get asked to make genital cakes all the time, they seem to excite people quite a bit. I was even asked to make a penis birthday cake for Cara Delevingne.

We've been thinking of ways to make people more comfortable talking about genitals since they are just body parts like an arm or a leg after all. So utilising my skills as a cake decorator we did a taster class and it was a fun way of engaging and connecting people.

Venue, House of Togetherness, promotes 'connectivity', and creating more vibrant, intimate and meaningful relationships with others. Its other classes include Rage Club, Blindfolded Adventure Time, and How to Not F**k Up Your Kids.

Take them home to your mum. Or maybe not

Erotic Cupcake Class, House of Togetherness, Covent Garden. 25 April, 7pm-9.30pm, £35, book ahead.

Last Updated 08 April 2019