Embark On An A-Z Culinary Journey Through London

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Embark On An A-Z Culinary Journey Through London

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For foodies, London is the restaurant capital of the world, it's the perfect place to pick up a knife and fork and try something different. And with so much to choose from, the real question is not what to eat in London, but where to begin...

Luckily, when it comes to navigating the city's culinary offerings, Big Bus Tours London are on hand. With more than 20 years' experience exploring the streets of our capital, they know a thing or two about the best places to grab a bite to eat. They've put this knowledge to good use and created an A-Z guide of adventurous food, featuring everything from the latest sweet treats to exotic meats for only the brave.

If you thought you'd seen it all when it came to food, it'll certainly help you discover the more unusual side of London's restaurant scene. Don't be afraid though — there's something for everyone, and to help get you started, we've picked out just a few of the standout dishes:

THE SPICIEST: N - Naga Viper Chilli Challenge

This food challenge turns up the heat, with six hot wings smothered in Naga Viper chilli sauce — measuring 1.3 million Scoville units. If you thought Tabasco sauce was hot, you haven't seen anything yet. Red Dog Saloon, Old Street station, 10 minute walk

THE WEIRDEST: L - Lamb Brain

Here's one you probably haven't tried: deep fried, milk-fed lamb brain. Barrafina, an exotic tapas restaurant in Covent Garden, serves this unusual dish up on a bed of spicy tomato sauce. Barrafina, Big Bus Stop #11: Covent Garden (Blue & Red Routes), 5 minute walk

THE MOST INNOVATIVE: S - Seitan 'chicken'

Vegans are catered for on this culinary adventure too — the Temple of Seitan in Hackney is home to the herbivore equivalent of fried chicken. It tastes pretty close to the real thing, for those adventurous vegans out there. Temple of Seitan, Hackney Central station, 5 minute walk

THE SWEETEST: B - Bubblewrap Waffle

It's ice cream. In a waffle. Sprinkled with whatever toppings you like. Need we say more? It's the perfect dessert to finish up on, and it's probably one of the most Instagrammable foods in London too. Bubblewrap, Big Bus Stop #5: Haymarket (Blue Route), 5 minute walk

If the sound of all that has piqued your curiosity — and perhaps got your stomach rumbling — you can check out the A-Z guide here. There's a handy map too, making it easy to hop on one of Big Bus Tours' open-top buses and start your journey. With three sightseeing routes, 50 stops, and now a load of delicious food to choose from, good luck deciding where you'd like to get off...

Last Updated 26 October 2017