Harry Potter: Coming To Leicester Square

By Londonist Staff Last edited 29 months ago
Harry Potter: Coming To Leicester Square

The superhero-studded Leicester Square sculpture trail — a free, open-air set of sculptures celebrating film and TV characters — will be getting a wizardly addition this month, as a statue of Harry Potter joins the line-up.

Sculptor Andrzej Szymczyk's creating a life-size statue of Harry Potter to stand in the square — the boy wizard's joining a motley crew including Mary Poppins, Paddington Bear, Batman and Wonder Woman.

The sculpture will be in mid-flight on a broomstick, inspired by the moment in the first film where Harry first takes flight on his Nimbus 2000.

The trail of statues has just been granted leave by Westminster Council to hang out in Leicester Square a bit longer, so you have till July 2023 to catch them. And five more plots have also been granted for further statues, though it hasn't been announced which film icons will be getting a spot. Stay tuned...

Paddington Bear eating a marmalade sandwich in Leicester Square.

Last Updated 17 September 2020