These Films About European Londoners Will Be Screened As The UK Brexits

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These Films About European Londoners Will Be Screened As The UK Brexits
Boyko, a Bulgarian abseiler is one of 28 subjects

As the UK gears up to leave the EU, a series of 28 films — each focussing on a Londoners from a member state of the EU — will be screened in London.

Goodbye Europe is an ambitious anthology of short films from 1000 Londoners, shot during the UK's final months in the EU. Among the 28 micro-docs are stories of a Bulgarian abseiler, a Swedish economist, a Spanish Big Issue vendor, and a Finnish hairdresser.

Another story tells of a German man and woman who came to the UK on the Kindertransport and ended up getting married.

1000 Londoners promises a series which shows parts of the city that you may never have seen, profiling the rich and poor, the young and old, the integrated and the outsiders, from the West End all the way to the ends of the tube lines.

The takeaway message seems pretty straightforward: London needs Europe just as Europe needs London.

If you're sad to be leaving Europe, this screening will be a bittersweet affair

Goodbye Europe is at the National Portrait Gallery - Friday Lates, 15 March; the Museum of London - Brexit Talks 18 March; Ritzy Cinema, 27 March; Curzon Soho, 28 March; and Hackney Picturehouse 29 March 7pm. Tickets from £5, depending on which screening you attend.

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Last Updated 25 February 2019