The World's Poshest Drop-Down Menu Is Back!

The World's Poshest Drop-Down Menu Is Back!
Well, I do feel quite baron-y today...

Fancy moonlighting as a countess, sheikh, or member of the Royal Family? The world's poshest drop-down menu is back — and this time it's on the Liberty website.

In April 2018, we were gutted to learn that Harrods had scrapped the ludicrous title options from its mailing list sign-up. No longer could we pretend to be a viscount, judge, princess or right honourable so-and-so. We'd been kicked back into the communal gutter and we weren't pleased.

Wonder if they deliver to Canada...

But now, another swanky London department store has got in on the action. Go to purchase anything off the Liberty website, and when you go to input your details, you can be anything from baroness to lord to sheikh.

What ho

The loftiest title available is HRH - making us wonder if Pizza Express has a similar booking form.

Does this include Disney princesses?

You can't, however, be Her Majesty — which must have been frustrating for the Queen over Christmas, when she was trying to get hold of one of these tasteful decs bearing an image of her regal features.

Fakea sheikha

Liberty's drop-down menu isn't quite as grandiloquent as its predecessor, given that 'wing commander' isn't an option. That title always made us feel pretty fly.

Top of the world, Ma!

Last Updated 13 January 2020

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