Can You Guess 11 More London Landmarks From Google Satellite View?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 13 months ago
Can You Guess 11 More London Landmarks From Google Satellite View?

Ever wish you were a bird — or Jason Hawkes — so you could soar high above London? Out popular bird's-eye quiz is back.

And make sure you've done the original quiz too.

1. Clue: this is not the face of a blue-eyed robot baby with a dummy in its mouth

Something that looks a bit like a robot baby with a dummy in its mouth
Image © Google

2. Struggling? The shadow gives the game away

Aerial view of a church
Image © Google

3. Not too brutal either, this one...

Aerial view of a brutalist complex
Image © Google

4. Hope you've been training for this...

Aerial view of a train station
Image © Google

5. Yes, that is a beach, although it's not always there...

Aerial view of a building by the river
Image © Google

6. Clue: it's not Wembley

A stadium from above
Image © Google

7. Even if you don't know what it is, don't tell me you're not enjoying looking at this one

Aerial view of a lot of houses
Image © Google

8. I swear to you this is London and not, like, Switzerland

A church in the middle of a forest
Image © Google

9. Eye-eye...

An eye-shaped roundabout with a circular building in the centre
Image © Google

10. Clue: there used to be something in this view that would've made this very easy to get

Aerial view of a park
Image © Google

11. Do not adjust your screen

A field with rows of purple
Image © Google


1. Trafalgar Square
2. Westminster Abbey
3. Barbican Centre
4. King's Cross station
5. Southbank Centre
6. Craven Cottage, Fulham
7. Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate
8. Abney Park
9. Southgate station
10. Crystal Palace Park
11. Mayfield Lavender Farm

How did you do?

1 or less: never took off
2-3: fall from grace
4-6: you may believe you can fly, but no one else does
7-8: eagle-eyed
9-10: high flyer
11: you are clearly an actual bird

Last Updated 07 March 2023

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