Can You Guess 11 More London Landmarks From Google Satellite View?

Can You Guess 11 More London Landmarks From Google Satellite View?

Ever wish you were a bird — or Jason Hawkes — so you could soar high above London? Out popular bird's-eye quiz is back.

And make sure you've done the original quiz too.

1. Clue: this is not the face of a blue-eyed robot baby with a dummy in its mouth

Something that looks a bit like a robot baby with a dummy in its mouth
Image © Google

2. Struggling? The shadow gives the game away

Aerial view of a church
Image © Google

3. Not too brutal either, this one...

Aerial view of a brutalist complex
Image © Google

4. Hope you've been training for this...

Aerial view of a train station
Image © Google

5. Yes, that is a beach, although it's not always there...

Aerial view of a building by the river
Image © Google

6. Clue: it's not Wembley

A stadium from above
Image © Google

7. Even if you don't know what it is, don't tell me you're not enjoying looking at this one

Aerial view of a lot of houses
Image © Google

8. I swear to you this is London and not, like, Switzerland

A church in the middle of a forest
Image © Google

9. Eye-eye...

An eye-shaped roundabout with a circular building in the centre
Image © Google

10. Clue: there used to be something in this view that would've made this very easy to get

Aerial view of a park
Image © Google

11. Do not adjust your screen

A field with rows of purple
Image © Google


1. Trafalgar Square
2. Westminster Abbey
3. Barbican Centre
4. King's Cross station
5. Southbank Centre
6. Craven Cottage, Fulham
7. Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate
8. Abney Park
9. Southgate station
10. Crystal Palace Park
11. Mayfield Lavender Farm

How did you do?

1 or less: never took off
2-3: fall from grace
4-6: you may believe you can fly, but no one else does
7-8: eagle-eyed
9-10: high flyer
11: you are clearly an actual bird

Last Updated 07 March 2023

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