Guess How Many Tube Journeys Are Taken Every Minute?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 16 months ago
Guess How Many Tube Journeys Are Taken Every Minute?

Ever wondered how many journeys are taken on the tube every minute? Or how many cups of tea are drunk in London every 60 seconds? Barratt have put together this nifty little infographic, which measures various things that are used, visited and drunk inside a 'London minute'.

There are, we admit, one or two curious stats in there. One visitor per minute to the British Museum seems incredibly low. Indeed, the museum receives around 6.4m visitors a year. It's open for approximately 5,616 hours a year (or 171,360 minutes). 6.4m ÷ 171,360 = 37.35 visitors per minute, pro rata. If their calculations for one visitor per minute were accurate, then the British Museum would only have a paltry 171,360 visitors a year. Taking this a step further, if the British Museum was open literally every minute of the year — which obviously it isn't — it would need 12 visitors per minute to hit that massive 6.4 million.

On a similar note, are there really only nine tweets about London every minute? If so, that means Londonist is contributing to about 0.18% of all tweets about the city... well done us.

So maybe take some of this London minute stuff with a pinch of salt. Still, it looks pretty.

Last Updated 14 September 2017