Why Our Politicians Should Speak More Like Pirates

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Why Our Politicians Should Speak More Like Pirates

This is a sponsored article for Be More Pirate.

Talking like a pirate: unsurprisingly that's something Be More Pirate think we should be doing more of.

But while it's fun doing all those 'aarghs' and 'ahoys', Be More Pirate also believe there's a different approach to talking like a pirate — telling the truth and owning mistakes. After all, a good captain would always tell it like it is.

To this end, they've recreated three major speeches from the year — and this time, the political figures put hands on hearts (or should that be hearties?), fess up, and says what's really going on. These are pirate videos like you've never seen them before.

No showboating, no sweeping any unsavoury truths under the rug. If the ship is sinking, it's sinking. After all, Be More Pirate are lubbers of the truth.

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Last Updated 23 September 2020