Get 20% Off Subscriptions To Our New Croydon Newsletter

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Last Updated 21 June 2024

Get 20% Off Subscriptions To Our New Croydon Newsletter
Croydon's Victorian town hall and Spread Eagle pub
Tune into the past, present and future of this infinitely interesting London borough via Londonist's new newsletter. Image: Will Noble/Londonist

Croydon. The Cronx. Valley of the Crocuses. Call it what you will (and trust us, it's been called some things in its time), this realm of south London is ever-altering, and infinitely fascinating.

That's why we've launched a newsletter — piloted by Croydonian and Londonist editor Will Noble — dedicated to the southern-most London borough. Londonist: Croydon Edit brings you weekly features from the Cronx — history deep-dives, weekend wanders, chewing the fat with Croydon folk, things to do — you name it.

Hoardings with a large comic strip "Meanwhile, somewhere in Croydon..."
The launch offer is only live till 30 June. Image: Will Noble/Londonist

Every other week, we're posting fully-free content that anyone to dig into (see our inaugural post, a breezy history of Imperial Airways). But for the full fat Croydon Edit experience — a feature every week, plus a monthly roundup of what's happened/happening in the borough of Croydon AND special Croydony offers and giveaways — you'll need to become a paid subscriber.

And now's the best time to do just that. Because for a strictly limited time we're offering a 20% discount off annual subscriptions. That means for just £36 a year (that's 69p a week!) you can have the whole of Croydon at your fingertips. Just imagine how powerful you'll feel!

Sign up here by Sunday 30 June to take advantage of the launch deal, and save yourself £9 on the usual annual subscription price of £45.