Another Reddit Guide To London

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 24 months ago
Another Reddit Guide To London

London Reddit: a veritable online rabbit hole of city-centric musings, woes, wisdom, public shaming... and the odd massive Jeremy Clarkson head. It's time we paid it another visit.

We like to think these guys are all talking to one another on Reddit. You never know. Photo: Amit Kapadia


Ever get on a train with that dreaded feeling someone's watching/judging/broadcasting your every move to the rest of London? You're probably onto something:

The world of the Reddit commuter can be a passive aggressive one too:
But this is also somewhere to share you commuter anxieties:
Sometimes it'll even lead to a nifty solution:

And, just sometimes, Redditors will air their own foibles, before realising enough is enough, and subtly switching the subject:

The weather

When Londoners aren't talking about transport, they're talking about the weather. Snow's always a popular choice. "How many inches of snow does London average per winter?" asks one budding meteorologist. To which comes this flurry of replies:

We could be here till hell freezes over. Let's switch to foggy weather. Or should that be Foggy weather?

For those of you wondering the following...

Comment from discussion It's Foggy (again).
It is indeed the one with the blokes going down (a hill) in a bathtub. Which seemed to happen every Sunday teatime for 68 years but probably only happened once.
Anyway, it's good to know that Redditors can respond sensibly to this kind of thing:
Comment from discussion It's Foggy (again).
In other weather-related news, London's New Year's Day Parade is so perpetually blighted by inclement weather, it's earned itself a new name:

... which leads to some interesting revelations:

Keen-eyed redditors

One of the great joys of Reddit is those who spot things around town that would otherwise have been missed by the masses. It can be something so small, it's hard to spot even when it's been pointed out ...

... something a little more obvious...

...or something downright disturbing

Bloody hope not.

What the hell is that smell in Mile End station?

Redditors can also be keen-nosed. Prompting the above question from one rattled Redditor, who's just moved to Mile End. The world of Reddit jumps to action, suggesting what possible sources of the olfactory affliction. And they are not all positive:

Fortunately, someone has the definitive answer:

Mile End, it turns out, is not the only one guilty of giving off a pong. It's also happening in Finchley Road, Holborn, in all the Prets. Someone else wanted to know "Why does Oxford Circus Central line smell like Garlic Bread?" Which prompted this genuinely enlightening response:

Yes, like a BBC journalist in Trump's White House, Reddit is unafraid to ask the questions that really matter.

Last Updated 30 January 2017