We've Written A Book About Drinking In London... And We Reckon You Might Want To Own A Copy

Will Noble
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Last Updated 25 March 2020

We've Written A Book About Drinking In London... And We Reckon You Might Want To Own A Copy
From The Best Pubs Near Train Stations. Illustration: Lis Watkins Illustration

Have you ever noticed that the centre of the London Underground map forms a bottle? From its neck, which opens up between Liverpool Street and Tower Hill, the Thames seems to flow - some marvellous pale blue elixir.

From Most Haunted Pubs. Illustration: Stephanie Hofmann Illustration

The relationship between London and liquid is irrefutable. We thought it was high time someone wrote a book which properly celebrates this flowing synergy.

Enter Londonist Drinks:

We wrote a book all about drinking in London

Our book is over 180 pages of sparkling writing, curiosity quenching trivia and enough tips on the best speakeasies, wine joints and characterful boozers to last you a lifetime.

It's also beautifully illustrated by a top-notch team of artists.

From A Martini For for James Bond. Illustration: Lauren Rebbeck

In Londonist Drinks we venture into the city's most haunted drinking dens; discover recipes for iconic cocktails created in London; sneak into the Beefeaters' secret clubhouse; quaff cocktails in old toilets; get in a cheeky half at London's best pubs close to train stations; and ask WHY there are so many pubs called The Blue Posts...

From Why Are There So Many Blue Posts Pubs? Illustration: Jane Smith

There's plenty for teetotallers too: from a potted history of tea, to a trip on a milk float around Walthamstow with a long-serving milkman.

It makes one heck of a handsome coffee table book (which it fitting, seeing as we've written a chapter on coffee). And we reckon one or two of your pals would rather like it as a gift too. 😉

From An Oenophile's Odyssey. Illustration: Amelia Flower

Thirsty for more? Londonist Drinks is now available to buy on Amazon for less then a tenner. Or seek it out in one of London's independent book shops.

Our first book, Londonist Mapped is also available to buy.