We've Written A Book About Drinking In London... And We Reckon You Might Want To Own A Copy

We've Written A Book About Drinking In London... And We Reckon You Might Want To Own A Copy
From The Best Pubs Near Train Stations. Illustration: Lis Watkins Illustration

Have you ever noticed that the centre of the London Underground map forms a bottle? From its neck, which opens up between Liverpool Street and Tower Hill, the Thames seems to flow - some marvellous pale blue elixir.

From Most Haunted Pubs. Illustration: Stephanie Hofmann Illustration

The relationship between London and liquid is irrefutable. We thought it was high time someone wrote a book which properly celebrates this flowing synergy.

Enter Londonist Drinks:

We wrote a book all about drinking in London

Our new book — published 3 October 2019 — is over 180 pages of sparkling writing, curiosity quenching trivia and enough tips on the best speakeasies, wine joints and characterful boozers to last you a lifetime.

It's also beautifully illustrated by a top-notch team of artists.

From A Martini For for James Bond. Illustration: Lauren Rebbeck

In Londonist Drinks we venture into the city's most haunted drinking dens; discover recipes for iconic cocktails created in London; sneak into the Beefeaters' secret clubhouse; quaff cocktails in old toilets; get in a cheeky half at London's best pubs close to train stations; and ask WHY there are so many pubs called The Blue Posts...

From Why Are There So Many Blue Posts Pubs? Illustration: Jane Smith

There's plenty for teetotallers too: from a potted history of tea, to a trip on a milk float around Walthamstow with a long-serving milkman.

It makes one heck of a handsome coffee table book (which it fitting, seeing as we've written a chapter on coffee). And we reckon one or two of your pals would rather like it as a gift too. 😉

From An Oenophile's Odyssey. Illustration: Amelia Flower

Thirsty for more? Londonist Drinks is now available to pre-order on Amazon now, for just £14.38. (buying via this link will help support our site with a small commission)

Our first book, Londonist Mapped is also available to buy.

Last Updated 25 October 2019