Invest In This Eco-Friendly Brewery And Get Double Your Money Back In Beer

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Invest In This Eco-Friendly Brewery And Get Double Your Money Back In Beer
Dan Vane (left) and Mark Hislop aim to bring an eco-friendly brewery and taproom to Walthamstow

How does doubling your beer money sound to you? That's what a new crowdfunding opportunity is offering.

Exale Brewing is a planned brewpub, taproom and distillery in Walthamstow, teaming up with Victory London Distillery. Mark Hislop and Dan Vane are the men behind the brewery — and they're after the help of beer/spirit-loving Londoners.

A site for the brewery itself has been secured along with funding; now they're crowdfunding towards a £40k target for a taproom — and the good news for investors is that any money they put it, they'll get back DOUBLE in the value of a tab once the taproom opens.

We would drink the hell out of this

Earning the planned brewery extra kudos are its eco credentials. The taproom walls will be smothered in plants grown on an aquaponics system, fed with waste water from brewing and growing produce for local food banks and brewery snacks. (Although we haven't quite worked out how they're going to grow a packet of Monster Munch.)

Spent grain will be transformed into biofuel, and waste beer will be made into soap and shampoo bars. Pretty nifty.

Craft beer: even tastier when it's eco-friendly

"There are so many great places to go out and drink amazing beer in Walthamstow now, so we want to make sure we add something new," says Hislop. "We wanted to make sure we were minimising our effect on the environment, and a sustainable taproom is a great way to do that."

And as for that all-important beer? Exale claim to brew 'modern, approachable and experimental beers'. Although to be honest they had us at 'Iron Brew Sour'. (God, we're insufferable hipsters.)

You can contribute to Exale Brewing on the crowdfunding page.

Last Updated 05 November 2019