Solve A Horse Murder In Camden Market: A Door In A Wall Is Back

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Solve A Horse Murder In Camden Market: A Door In A Wall Is Back

We all like horsing around. Now, a new murder mystery — played out in Camden Market's former stables — is looking to raise the bar fence.

Horses for Corpses is the latest immersive group game from A Door In A Wall. These top pedigree folk have previously brought us the likes of Played to Death (which featured the murder of a composer) and An Appetite for Murder, in which a chef is murdered (can you see a theme here?).

This promises to be another fantastic group game, stuffed with intrigue, people in trilbies... and horsey puns:

The ad didn't say much: "Investigators wanted. No experience necessary." Some horse trader apparently. You didn’t know much about riding, but you weren’t going to look this gift in the mouth. If only you’d asked a few more questions out of the gate...

The genuinely dark and cobbled setting beneath the streets of Camden is spot on for that film noir/Ascot look that's so hard to come by.

Oh, and the whole setup instantly reminded us of that classic episode of Murder in Successville featuring Chris Kamara:

If Horses for Corpses is on half as good form as that, it'll be worth snapping up tickets.

Horses for Corpses, 5 May-18 June 2017, tickets £32.50 per person. Group sizes must be 3-6 people.  

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Last Updated 25 April 2017