London Coronavirus Update: 16-17 March 2020

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In place of our daily event listings, we're compiling the latest coronavirus news, views and resources for Londoners — as well as things you can do, and the ways you can enjoy this great city — without the usual access you have to it.

We also want to flag up all the positive ways that Londoners are finding to deal with the crisis, from good deeds to witty photographs. Please email with any contributions.

A north London Tesco, 16 March.

Latest London coronavirus news

A woman has given birth in the back of a taxi cab (although not this specific one)

In other news

London from your living room

One of our fave YouTube channels is Joolz Guides — tour guide extraordinaire. Brilliant at the best of times, right now a virtual walking tour might be just the tonic.

Good deeds, helping hands and random oddities

  • Dalston's Burley Fisher Books has found a clever way to keep its business going, while helping those in isolation:

  • Meanwhile, we've been left scratching our heads at some of the items supermarkets are rationing...
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Tube ponderings with Barry Heck

Our resident tube fancier dishes out daily thoughts on the London Underground.

My Roundel of the Week is this lovely early 20th century plate from the Piccadilly line. I think the modern roundel is slightly more handsome, but it's good to see some of these old-timers on the network.

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Fact of the day

The oldest and possibly largest tree in the Square Mile is thought to be the 'Cheapside plane'. It was a local landmark even in the late 18th century, and was immortalised in verse by William Wordsworth. Although the land around it is very valuable, the neighbouring buildings have been kept at two floors in deference to this remarkable plant. Read all about it.