StraightUp Comedy Does What It Says On The Tin

StraightUp Comedy, Landor Space ★★★★☆

Robert Greene
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StraightUp Comedy Does What It Says On The Tin StraightUp Comedy, Landor Space 4
Duo act Sisters.

“Unforgettable nights of varied, fresh and high-quality comedy….with a diverse line-up”. A bold claim for a budding theatre company. And yet, five minutes into the first set of StraightUp Comedy, a cackling, and teary-eyed crowd quickly dispel any apprehensions about the company’s notability.

The night kicks off to a buoyant start. The host Ross Smith breaks the ice in true comedic style: abusing his audience with striking wit and confidence. He is quick on his feet, shooting down his targets with hilarious one-liners. We are only sorry he doesn't have his own set.

MC Ross Smith.

That said, the line-up is no less entertaining. There is an eclectic mix of performers: duos and solo artists, men and women, black and white, gay and straight. In isolation one or two acts may seem one-dimensional, drawing on a single source for gags (religion or relationships for example), taken as a whole, the line-up delivers on the company’s promise of being “diverse”.

Athena Kugblena.

Like most things in life, humour is subjective. There's also an extra dimension: it's divisive. What prompts a snort from one person, offends another; while one person howls, another blushes. Perhaps an accurate gauge of the merit of a performance is the reaction of the audience. If the audience at this gig is anything to go by, the show lives up to its name.

Scarcely a minute passes without a hysteric outburst from the crowd; duo acts Sisters and Max & Ivan have a particularly hard time being heard over the frenzied laughter. Headliner Ed Gamble's blind dog stint is met with a similar uproar.

Duo act Max & Ivan.

But the real joke is the price: a mere £7; possibly one of the cheapest night’s entertainment you’ll find in the capital. It's certainly bang for you buck.

StraightUp Comedy, Landor Space, 70 Landor Rd, London SW9, £7, £10 on the door.

Last Updated 16 April 2018