London Runs Out Of Pithy Three-Word Names For Bars

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 20 months ago
London Runs Out Of Pithy Three-Word Names For Bars

Marketing teams behind the likes of All Bar One, Be At One, We Are Bar and Best Bar None have admitted that they may have run out of three-word monikers for middle-of-the-road drinking establishments.

The heyday of the marketing concept came in the mid 1990s, with the advent of All Bar One. It proved that if you came up with a three-word name that included 'bar' — which sounded clever but actually wasn't — you could attract Heineken-swilling suits in their droves.

But with the more recent introduction of bars including One Bar All, Be One Bar, None One Bar, and Bar Bar Bar, branding experts have been forced to admit that the writing could be on the wall.  

"The writing could be on the wall," admitted branding expert Jess Spoon, adding, "Hang on, how about 'Bar Bar Black Sheep'? Oh no, that's four words.

"Or what about 'Bar Bar Bar Bar Barbaranne?' Oh no, that's four words and a weird name," she added.

"So much for that raise I was after... hang on — raise... Raise The Bar..." she concluded, legging it back to the office.

Last Updated 24 October 2017