'Eatalong' With Kevin Mac Allister At These Special Home Alone Screenings

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'Eatalong' With Kevin Mac Allister At These Special Home Alone Screenings
Kevin Mac Allister holding his face
Forget singalongs, now it's all about the eatalongs.

There are plenty of festive singalongs around Christmastime, but how do you fancy getting your chops around a Home Alone 'eatalong'?

This December, Taste Film has teamed up with The Refinery City Point by Drake & Morgan in Moorgate, to host a series of special screenings of the classic 1990 film, in which you're served up special drinks and dishes to coincide with the on-screen shenanigans. So when Kevin goes for his brother Buzz in an early scene, wreaking havoc in the kitchen, you'll be given a 'Crying Over Split Milk' cocktail (a festive spin on the white russian). And when Macaulay Culkin's character orders in a pizza, you'll be chowing down on a 'Filthy Animals' — a toasted taleggio flatbread topped with duck confit.

As the film goes on, the idea is you get increasingly full of festive cheer. And then you get your mum to pick you up (we might've made that last bit up.)

This being a posh City eatery and all, the experience does not come cheap — it's £80pp, which will prompt a Culkinesque horror-face-slap from some. Then again, you could always use your dad's credit card to pay for it 😉

Taste Film X The Refinery City Point: Home Alone Festive Special, various dates in December 2023. Tickets on sale from 9 November

Last Updated 01 November 2023

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