In Photos: Christmas At Kew's 2022 Light Trail

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 18 months ago

Last Updated 15 December 2022

In Photos: Christmas At Kew's 2022 Light Trail
A tunnel of lights created from thousands of white-yellow fairy lights strung in rows

Light trail 'Christmas at Kew' is back for its 10th outing, wending its way through Kew Gardens on selected evenings throughout November, December and January.

Familiar favourites — such as the 'Christmas Cathedral' tunnel of light, the fire garden, and that fountain and laser show choreographed to music — are back, along with some new installations including glowing star-shaped arches, and a 'Starry Night' wall of light. At 2.7km, this year's route feels like the longest yet, possibly bordering on too long for little legs. But it's as spectacular as ever. Take a look at what to expect:

A row of four star-shaped arches over the path, illuminated with blue fairy lights, with a backdrop of blue and purple floodlit trees
A couple walking through some trees, with red poppy-shaped lights scattered in the branches overhead
The exterior of the Palm House at Kew, seen from across the lake, illuminated red with blue lasers emerging from the lake.
The trunk and branches of a tree covered in hundreds of white fairy lights
A row of giant illuminated snowflakes on the ground
Blue illuminated giant feathers, strung up in tree branches to appear as if they're floating to the ground
A tunnel of three star-shaped arches, created from white fairy lights
Two people walking along a path, surrounded by a curtain of fairy lights
A giant circular arch made of white patterned lights, with a red bow on top
The exterior of a glass house at Kew, floodlit in blue, with giant 3D letters reading 'Kew' located on the steps outside
A large illuminate star arch with a path going through the middle
A large tree, its trunk and branches illuminated by strips of LED lights
A projection of purple clouds illuminating a strip of the night sky
Exterior of Kew's Palm House, illuminated purple with snowflake shaped lights in a row in front
A group of five illuminated spirals, designed to look like Christmas trees. Three are green, one is pink and one is blue
A tunnel of lights created from thousands of white-yellow fairy lights strung in rows
A fairground train ride carriage, in front of a sign reading 'Kew Station'
Father Christmas standing in front of his wooden grotto, with his arms raised in the air in welcome
A helter skelter in the fairground area
A tall conical Christmas tree made entirely from LED lights. In the image they're purple, though they constantly change colour and dance.

Christmas at Kew takes place 16 November 2022-8 January 2023. Advance booking required. See other light festivals taking place in London this winter.

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