Be Part of History - Get Your Story Buried In Tower Bridge's Time Capsule

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Be Part of History - Get Your Story Buried In Tower Bridge's Time Capsule

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Tower Bridge.

Fancy having your story buried beneath Tower Bridge? There's going to be a 2017 time capsule buried under the world-famous river crossing, and the people behind it need Londoners like you to help fill it with memories.

The time capsule will include stories, photos and memories of London today, giving Londoners of the future an insight into who lived in the capital in 2017, and how we live.

It'll be buried under the Walk of Fame, a new aspect of the Tower Bridge Exhibition which will celebrate some of the unsung heroes behind one of London's most iconic structures.

Ever wondered who was responsible for building Tower Bridge, or who keeps it running? All will be revealed in the Walk of Fame, which will be unveiled in Spring 2017.

From engineers to builders, cooks to coal stokers, 40 plaques have been created by the London Sculpture Workshop and a local school. These will be displayed along the bridge, commemorating the legacy-building individuals. Of course, our city today is a very different place to the London of the 1800s, when Tower Bridge was built, and the new feature will also celebrate our modern city.

Fancy entering your London memory to be included in the time capsule? Submit your personal connection to the capital in the form of writing, a photo, or an object, along with 100 words on why your story is important. In 40 years, the Londoners of the future can unearth the capsule, discovering our 2017 capital.

Be part of history — discover Tower Bridge's past and contribute to its future. Get thinking, and enter your London memory here by 5pm on 13 February.

Last Updated 27 January 2017