Can We Ever Solve London's Air Pollution Problem?

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Can We Ever Solve London's Air Pollution Problem?

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You don't need to be a scientist to realise the air in our city is pretty polluted — but can London's air issues ever be solved? This year, ICE's annual Big Debate is about just that — head to the free discussion on 5 June to hear the experts discuss whether the city's air can be cleaned up in the future.

Air pollution tops the charts as one of London's biggest environmental issues, with levels currently breaching EU guidelines. For the population, it's a dangerous problem for a city to have — 9,400 Londoners died prematurely due to toxic air in 2010 alone.

The question is, though, will London always have this air pollution problem?

One side will argue that with an expanding city, more congestion and increased construction activity, we'll just have to accept the fact that London is destined to be forever smoggy.

Others will champion the opinion that with greater public awareness, monitoring strategies and development of construction methods we may be able to make a significant different to the stuff we breathe.

Join the experts as they debate this — they'll discuss both sides of the argument and then it's up to the audience to decide who was most persuasive.

The Big Debate is completely free to attend, so whether you have a strong opinion on the subject or are ready to learn more about the city's air, this is an event that's not to be missed.

Register here if you want to breathe in the atmosphere of a proper debate on 5 June.

Last Updated 30 May 2017