Londonist's Most Watched Videos From 2016

By Daan Deol Last edited 27 months ago
Londonist's Most Watched Videos From 2016

We made a lot of videos in 2016, but which were the most popular? Here's our top 10 most-watched videos in 2016, ranked by number of YouTube views. If you like what you've seen here, subscribe to our channel and never miss a thing.

A pink Oyster card reader. Photo: YouTube

10. Oyster Oddities- Are You Paying Too Much?

With over 70,000 views, Oyster Oddities solidly holds up the number 10 place on Londonist's most-watched videos of 2016. Geoff Marshall checks to see if we are paying too much on our Oyster cards.

9. New South West Trains Class 707

Like anyone else in London, we want to see more efficient trains. Geoff heads to the Siemens Test Track in Germany for a sneak preview of the new class 707 trains coming to South West Trains in 2017.

8. Contactless Fares Can Be Cheaper Than Oyster

Contactless and Oyster fares are the same, TfL often trumpets. Not true, as we found out in this video. Find out why below.

7. More Secrets Of The Underground

Because who doesn't love secrets? We took to the underground to find out even more about London Underground's mysteries and quirks. Check out the no man's land at Southwark Underground station.

6. Night Tube Explained In 2 Minutes

It's obvious why this is in our top 10. The night tube was one of the biggest things to happen to London transport this year. We took viewers through the night tube, when it starts, what lines it's running on and which branches it'll reach, all in just 120 seconds.

5. Inside The Old Eurostar Terminal

What the hell's been going on in the old Eurostar terminal at Waterloo, you wonder. Well, we went to find out and came across a place frozen in time, with a tube map from 2007, an old information desk and a blocked off route to the underground.

4. What Are The Pink Oyster Readers For?

They're all over the network, but have you ever wondered what the pink Oyster readers are for? Well over 130,000 of you did. Watch this to find out the answer...

3. The New 2016 Tube Map

Londonist met the head of design at TfL, Jon Hunter, and found out about what creating London's tube map actually entails. He even makes some special changes for us. But as Hunter says, with great power comes great responsibility...

2. Crossrail Explained In 2 Minutes

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated additions to London's transport network is Crossrail. With full services due to be in full swing by December 2019, you can learn everything you need to know about the Elizabeth Line (it'll always be Crossrail to us) in just two minutes.

And the most watched video on Londonist in 2016 is...

1. Secrets Of The Trams

With over 300,000 views, Secrets of the Trams is Londonist's most-watched video of 2016. The 'hipsters' of public transport, the trams launched in 2000, with three routes with three colours. TfL took over in 2008, giving it its own distinct green colour and added a fourth route. Find out which is the least-used station below...

Last Updated 21 December 2016