Beautiful Pictures Of London's Industrial Estates

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 26 months ago
Beautiful Pictures Of London's Industrial Estates
Thames Walk. Photo: Compound Eye

It's easy to forget now, but London used to be a hub of the nation's industry; a city where factories and their plumes blanketed the city. A lot has changed, industry has dwindled, and often what little is left can look rather chaotic. But there's a beauty and melancholy in the abandoned, and the still-functioning.

Cranes fill the skyline in Battersea. Photo: Torsten Reimer
Purfleet. Photo: Sean Hartwell Photography
Urban exploring. Photo: Lamarr Golding
Greenwich. Photo: Mark Walton1
Battersea. Photo: Jenny Sheppard
Docklands. Photo: Lamarr Golding
Woolwich. Photo: buckaroo kid
Millenium Mills. Photo: LiamCH
Lea Bridge. Photo: Alex Pink
West Silvertown. Photo: Wendy Dobing
Woolwich. Photo: buckaroo kid

Last Updated 11 November 2016