London's Most Beautiful Gasholders

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 69 months ago
London's Most Beautiful Gasholders

Gasholders aren't really all that useful in today's society. Originally used to store large amounts of gas, nowadays many of them lie empty, the threat of demolition looming. But while some people see gasholders as eyesores, another section of society view them as monuments to a bygone era.

This has led to some gasholders becoming listed, and even cleverly repurposed. Whether you like them or not, it's hard to argue with the epic nature of these skeletal behemoths.

Hornsey. Photo: Bel Fegore
Kensal Green. Photo: Matt Brown
Oval. Photo: Sam
Greenwich. Photo: Mark Walton1
Bethnal Green. Photo: Bob Bob
The Tottenham Gasholder demolished in 2015. Photo: msganching
King's Cross. Photo: Gary Kinsman
Hornsey Park. Photo: Bel Fegore
Reflections of the reconstructed Gasholder No. 8, King's Cross. Photo: Esther Barry
Gasholder from Regent's Canal. Photo: stevekeiretsu
Alexandra Palace through a Hornsey gasholder. Photo: Peep O'Daze
Greenwich peninsula. Photo: martinbaker76

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