London Buildings That Look Like Animals

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 89 months ago

Last Updated 21 December 2016

London Buildings That Look Like Animals

Ever thought the buildings that populate London bear more than a passing resemblance to the creatures at London Zoo? We did, and — with the aid of some world-class photo editing — we've reimagined these London buildings as animals.

Battersea power cow

Original photos from KackaS and macchi

We've all stared at Battersea Power Station and thought: "doesn't that look a lot like an upside-down cow?" Here is a more complete form of that stray thought. Especially fitting that the Battersea Power Station should be on this list, considering it's the cover for Pink Floyd's album, Animals.

City Hall as an armadillo

Original photos from sue and Darrell Godliman

There's an argument to be made that City Hall didn't need our photoshopping wizardry to turn it into an armadillo — the resemblance is already that strong. But then you wouldn't be able to be mesmerised by our sumptuous artwork above. Thank us later. Hell, thank us now.

The Gherkin as a penguin

London Zoo's press office mocked up this Gherkin penguin mashup a few years back. It's actually quite fitting if you think about it. The polar ice caps are melting, endangering penguins' natural habitat and the Gherkin is disappearing from London's skyline. In their own ways they're both endangered species. They truly deserve each other.

BT Tower as a snake

Original photos from murphyz and Carter S'

So cylindrical, high up into the sky, the BT Tower is obviously a snake. Obviously. What do you MEAN we're pushing our luck?

Plaza Westminster Bridge as a fish head

Google Maps

Some of these are so blindingly obvious they only need the subtlest finishing touches to reveal their true selves. That's the case here: Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel is a fish head.

The O2 as a turtle

Original photos from Graeme Wilmot and Pete O'Shea

The O2 in Greenwich is clearly the perfect shell for a turtle. We've added the missing parts; this sleepy little guy has just roused himself for the break of dawn. You might also see The O2 as a rather bald hedgehog. Up to you.

No 1 Poultry and Bagpuss

Bagpuss (left) and No 1 Poultry (right)

No 1 Poultry has just been given listed status as an "unsurpassed example of commercial postmodernism." What could be more postmodern than to design a building inspired by a 70s children television character?

Think you know any more animal lookalike buildings? Let us know in the comments.