Derelict London Celebrates 18 Years With A Lot Of Shabby-Beautiful Shots Of London

Derelict London Celebrates 18 Years With A Lot Of Shabby-Beautiful Shots Of London
The Builders Arms in Stratford.

Derelict London tours are starting again, and the man behind it, Paul Talling, has dropped a new batch of photography.

The urban explorer — and author of London's Lost Music Venues — has a talent for getting behind the scenes, under the skin and generally all over London's forgotten, abandoned or crumbling corners.

Here are a few of our favourite images of places London forgot from Paul's archive, released alongside some fascinating behind-the-scenes nuggets to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Derelict London website. Stretching across almost two decades, some of the buildings depicted here no longer exist.

Millennium Mills, Silvertown (2015)

This decaying art deco building is currently undergoing redevelopment. Paul has been commissioned to run tours here for Open House Weekend 2021.

Payne's Wharf, Deptford (2010)

Payne's Wharf, formerly a 19th century boiler's workshop, before redevelopment, which was completed in 2015. These original brick arches were incorporated into the new building.

Cooper's Road Estate, Bermondsey (2007)

"When the residents of the Coopers Road Estate off the Old Kent Road moved out in around 2003, around 400 squatters moved in".

After their eventual eviction, "the outer walls were removed to render the flats uninhabitable, exposing the multi-coloured interiors of people’s old homes to passers-by"

The first-class pool at the Ladywell Baths (2020)

Redevelopment may soon be on the cards for one of London's earliest surviving public baths at the Ladywell Playtower.

St James Road, West Croydon (2011)

"I took this photograph a couple of days after the Croydon riots while there was still soot in the air. This is a picture of Royal Mansions built in 1902 and burnt down by rioters in 2011."

Carpenters Road, Stratford (2003)

Gone but not forgotten: the East End's fridge freezer graveyard — now part of Stratford Waterfront.

The Royal Oak, Canning Town (2003)

"I was living down the road and was driving towards the flyover when I stuck my head out of the car and took this photograph. Terry Lawless ran a boxing gym here in the 1970s and 80s."

Battersea Power Station (2013)

This rusty crane has since removed from Battersea Power Station for restoration. It is expected to be reinstated once local regeneration works are complete.

Connaught Tunnel, as viewed from Silvertown (2011)

"This photograph was taken in 2011 when I saw it in all its tranquil glory before the Crossrail works. I used to love wandering around this area for hours on end. I still do but much has changed.  Needless to say that you are forbidden to wander down the tunnel these days."

Derelict London tours can be booked here.

Last Updated 29 May 2021