Best Of Londonist: 5 March 2017

Laura Reynolds
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Best Of Londonist: 5 March 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

9 Structures in the UK Taller Than the Shard

The Shard's website tells a tall tale too

London's Most Under Appreciated Afternoon Teas

Loose waistbands at the ready...

Did You Know Abut Euston's Ancient Benches?

Properly old.

Beautiful Examples of Art Deco in London

Did we get your favourite?

Beautiful Victoria

Sculptures, cathedrals and pubs.

8 of London's Coolest Brunches

Brace yourself for brunch kebabs

London's Most Interesting Gastropubs

Did we get your favourite?

Photos of London's Food Markets

A lot of these are new... one's a thousand years old

When Road Markings Go Wrong

You had one job...

In Pictures: Brutalist London


How to Get Close to London's Parakeets

There's a place in zone 1 where parakeets will land on your hand

Superman and Batman Have Been Recreated in Lego

Batman, Superman and even Aquaman also feature.

The Museum of London's Most Unusual Exhibits

Showing London's weird side.

Try London's Historic Food at These Restaurants and Markets

Chops, oysters and fried fish...mmm

The Sad Story of the Fat Boy of Peckham, and How He's Been Immortalised

Some newspapers haven't changed all that much...

In Photos: London's Best Patisseries

Mouth-wateringly excellent.

Where in London Did Shakespeare Live?

Three known addresses.

Why Has the National Trust Recreated a 1930s Gay Club?

Confronting the past.

London's Most Romantic Neon

Bright and beautiful.

9 Great London Immigrants Who Helped Shape the City

From kings to slaves

Recommended Watching: Inside King's Cross

Calling all transport nerds.

Stop Everything and Watch This Beautiful London Video

No sleep without dreams of love.

London's Crisp-Story: How North London Invented the Salt 'N' Shake Crisp

The blue packet of salt came about because of kleptomaniac pub patrons

How to Get a Park Memorial Bench

No foreign languages allowed

The Silvertown Explosion That Killed 73

Everything within a few hundred metres was flattened

More Rooms = Less Rent? We Looked at the Data

Is warehouse living really as cheap as it's cracked up to be?

The Place Where You Can Ski Indoors

The gradient goes up to 40 degrees

Things to Look Out for at the Churchill War Rooms

Why are there so many holes in the maps?

Video: The Sun Sets Over Canary Wharf


This Is What It's Like Looking After the Tower of London's Ravens

What IS that noise?

Blacksmiths Still Exist in London

The forge has been here since the 1800s.

Find Out About London's Gladiatorial Past

Find out how Roman Londoners got their kicks.

Video: The Art of the Brick Is Back

Including an actual-size Batmobile...

Video: What Did Roman Londoners Look Like?

Film examines the remains of a 1st century Londoner.

How Many Times Has the Houses of Parliament Been Blown Up?

An iconic target.

Video: Eyewitnesses to the Zeppelin Bombing of London.

Haunting video from @MuseumofLondon

These Vegan Cakes Are Scrummy

Not just a pretty cake.

Where Does the Phrase 'What the Dickens' Come From?

Predates author by more than 200 years.

10 Exhibitions to Look Forward to This Month

Go to at least a handful.

10 of London's Best Sushi Joints That Deliver

No need to leave the house

Fermented Fare: The Best Beer Festivals in London This Month

Get supping.

5 Exciting New London Restaurant Openings Coming to London This Month

Be in the know

Affordable Events This Week in London

An indoor fly fishing fair.

Focus on Fun Not Facebook Likes With This Great App

Fancy escaping the digital world?

Banned 1930s Queer-Friendly Club 'Reopens'

"A timely reminder of the importance of sidelined cultures to our national heritage"

The Shard Developer Irvine Sellar Dies, Aged 82

Son James will become the head of Sellar Group.

Changing London: Human Threats That Could Threaten Our City

From cyber-threats to extreme weather.

Andrew Scott Is Vulnerable and Charming as Hamlet at the Almeida

Good luck getting a ticket.

Ballet and Other Big Dance Shows to Watch: Spring 2017

A wealth of gems up the city's dance sleeves

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