Best Of Londonist: 26 March 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up, this week sponsored by Institution of Civil Engineers.

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Is London Bridge station London's best building project?

It’s a toughie, but Londoners had better get thinking on who gets their vote for the Londonist people’s Choice Awards – this is a special category for London’s best infrastructure project, with the winner chosen by you.

One of the frontrunners is the complex redevelopment of London Bridge station – you can expect reduced delays, eased congestion and even a concourse as big as Wembley Stadium when it's finished. If you think London Bridge stands a chance at the London Civil Engineering Awards, check out the voting page here.

This week's top stories

London's Grumpiest Signs Are Hilarious - and Actually Make Some Very Good Points

We wish we'd written some of these

In Photos: London in the 1980s

Punks roamed the streets.

We Think We've Found London's Most Soulless Shopping Centre...

"Like you've walked uninvited into a wedding party"

Here's What East London Looked Like Before Hipsters

It's amazing what's changed - and what hasn't!

London's Best Places to Drink Like It's the 1920s

We're still not bored of speakeasies...

London's Got Some Gorgeous Markets if You Know Where to Look

We do these things pretty well.

9 Secrets of Borough Market

Including the pub that had its top floor lopped off.

In Photos: London's Tiniest Places

Small and sweet...

In Photos: The Best Fancy Dress Spotted on the Tube

Who ya gonna call?

Have You Tried London's Best Mac N Cheese?

We can't get enough of this cheesy pasta

Seat Patterns on the Tube: Reviewed

Tram, DLR and Overground also covered

Inside London's Oldest Bookshop

"On a drizzly day, buses splashing through the puddles outside, it's a warming place to be"

In Pictures: Stylish Londoners

Suited and booted

We've Mapped Out London's Best Food Markets

Inlcuding a handy map

11 of London's Best Bakeries

Including the inventor of the Creme Egg Crodough...

Oxford Street Looks Lovely in These Photos

Even though it gets a bad rap.

The Tragedy of One of the UK's Worst Ever Rail Crashes, in Harrow

The timing couldn't have been worse.

Americans in London: A Fun Quiz

Bet you can't get all 10.

London Is the Best City in the World. Here's Why

These are a few of our favourite things.

Where to Get a Drink in the Morning in London

For when you can't wait to get the party started...

10 Things You Might Not Know About Wandsworth

Birthplace of some pretty big ideas...

These Are the Best Tapas Restaurants in London

Super Spanish food

What Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth Works Say About London

Which one do you prefer?

Leaning on Doors Problem Is Not Unique to the Tube

Lean at your peril.

Farewell to the Wimbledon Dogs

The face of betting has changed for good.

The Haunted Tube Map

Including celebrity ghosts.

Video: Which Is the Longest Escalator on the Tube?

Who gave Geoff a stopwatch?

Have You Seen the Lights on the Sea Containers Building? Here's What They're For

Look out for this next time you're by the river

Iconic Soho Venue Reopens and It Looks Fantastic

A great grassroots venue.

In Photos: Beautiful Brixton

A portrait of Brixton

The Lost Theatres of London: In Pictures


The Smog That Killed 4,000 in Five Days

It led to the Clean Air Act.

Places Named London (That Aren't THE London)

Have you heard about the Berlin in London?

Inside the Bush Theatre's New £4.3M Revamp

A fairy-tale expansion

What's the Reason Behind the Strange Names of the Harringay Ladder?

Some people just really liked Disraeli

These Collage Paintings Present a New Look at London - and We Love Them

From Trafalgar Square to Borough Market.

A Wander Around Little Venice

It's got a floating café

Imperial War Museum Explores Power of Protest

The harsh realities, and the people who fought it.

A Timelapse of the London Eye

Pretty timelapse shows the lights of Westminster

Video: A 60 Second Trip Round the Barbican Estate

6,500 people live here.

Watch This Lovely Video About the People Behind Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Have you visited this amazing East London institution?

Watch: This Shadwell Playground Is Changing Kids' Lives

Giving garden-less kids a place to play

Video: Ride a Double-Decker With a BBQ on It

BBQ bus!

When Battersea Became a Beacon for Black Democracy

"As with Donald Trump's birther conspiracy against Barack Obama, Archer's heritage was thrown into question"

The Coolest Horse Tipster Ever

His mouth often landed him in trouble...

The Three-Piece Suit: A Quintessentially London Invention

Not to be confused with a three-piece suite.

An Entire Japanese House Has Been Built Inside Barbican

"We're lying down, giant inflatable orange balls swaying behind us..."

British Academy Is Running a Week of Book Events

A whole week dedicated to books.

Beanz, Cheese and Wine: Cheap Things to Do This Week

An excellent museum reopens after a length refit

British Academy Is Running a Week of Book Events

From page to stage.

How Londoners Responded to the Westminster Attacks

Typical wry wit.

25 Bars Under One Roof at This Cocktail Celebration

An awesomely boozy weekend.

A Creepy Art Installation Has Come to London

Ephemeral art.

Got an Opinion on London's Best Infrastructure Project?

Battersea Power Station or London Bridge station?