Best Of Londonist: 25 June 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

The Tube's Lost Spiral Escalator, Which Was Rediscovered in 2010

Its remains were rediscovered in 2010.

When London Makes You Laugh Out Loud

Londoners have the best humour

At the East London Car Factory You Thought Had Closed Down

They've got a couple of Model Ts hidden away, too

The Most Common London Tube Faux Pas

These complaints about people on the tube will strike a chord with any Londoner

The Things We Love Most About London

The things that make London such a special city

Is the Night Bus Experience Changing? We Took a Ride to Find Out

"The driver watched my girlfriend give me a blowjob on the bus."

In Pictures: London Property Porn

We are *so* not jealous.

This Is What London Looked Like in 1994

Snapshots and trivia.

11 Apps to Solve Your London Problems

Problem? Consider it solved with our round up of must have London apps.

London Looks Stunning at Sunset, Don't You Agree?

Fall in love with London all over again with these sunset snaps

We Love Metro's Rush Hour Crush. Here Are Some of Our Favourites

The wonderful... and the really, really weird

Photos of Tower Bridge Looking Its Best

Nothing beats this beauty.

The Lambeth Walk: Who Wrote It and Why the Nazis Banned It

"You'll find us all..."

London's Railings at the Bottom of the Thames

Deceiving the British public to improve morale.

In Photos: London's Ever Changing Skyline

What do we all think of London's eclectic skyline?

Beautiful Sundials of London

Do you know where to see a tortoise sundial?

Get Stuck Into One of These South London Novels on Your Next Commute

Some reading inspiration

London's Hidden Rivers - an Exceptional Book About London's Buried Waterways

We could gush like a storm surge.

When a Giraffe Lived Behind a North London Pub

We pity the poor drunk punter who ran into her.

In Photos: St Paul's Looking Its Best

Standing tall.

Green Streets, Open Lofts and Blue Lines

Green bus routes and open lofts

London's Timber Yards Are Being Forced to Close

Meet workers at two of the closing yards

Flow Chart: Which London Animal Are You?

Are you a parakeet or a Cockney sparrow?

The Garden Museum Has Had a Major Refurbishment and It Looks Great

Another great quirky niche museum.

Food Review: Lupins

One more good food arrival in Flat Iron Square...

"I Threw My Shoe at Him and Amazingly He Dropped the Phone!"

"I threw my shoe at him..."

Give the Museums a Miss and Check Out Secret Adventures

See the city differently.

London: City of Clowns

Just clowning around.

A Map of Virginia Woolf's Novel Locations

Bloomsbury doesn't feature much.

Angry, Queer and Rebellious: Learn About London's Sizzling Subcultures

Brush up on your city knowhow.

Delightful Watercolours Make Us Want to Dive Into Them

Sargent set free.

London's Best Pizza by the Slice

Lunch, sorted

Jamaican Food and Icy Cocktails on Portobello Road

That cheese though

Part Building, Part Waterfall: This Year's Serpentine Pavilion

Finally, a good reason to go outdoors in the rain

A Fragrant Exhibition Wafts Into Somerset House

Lie back and inhale.

Celebrate Life on the London Stage at This Thespian Exhibition

London's foremost entertainers celebrated.

New Trains With More Seats and Wi-Fi Are Coming to Waterloo

But you'll have to wait until 2019.

Food Review: What the Pitta

Finally, vegans can join in on the kebab craze

Celebrity Chefs and a Dessert Village Arrive at Foodies Festival

Head to Blackheath.

Sculpture in the City 2017

18 new sculptures just appeared in the City

Van Hits Worshippers at North London Mosque

One man has died.

Always Wanted to Try Hutong, Aqua Shard or Hawksmoor?

A foodie event with a difference

Our Interaction With Nature Gets a Wellcome Collection Exhibition

A great free exhibition

Public Screenings of Wimbledon 2017 Matches

Don't miss any of the action.

Keep an Eye Out for the New Rainbow Hire Cycles

If only London were always this colourful

Look Out for Crossrail Trains at Liverpool Street

Now in public service.

New Thermal Images Show the Tube in a Heatwave

Heatwave captured on thermal imaging smartphone.