Best Of Londonist: 19 March 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up, this week sponsored by the Royal Court Theatre.

Photo: Alberto Baggio

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Lights, camera, action for Hollywood play at Royal Court Theatre

Head to the Royal Court Theatre to see The Kid Stays in the Picture — a brand new play based on the true story of legendary film producer Robert Evans.

Photo: Sarah Ainslie

Don't know who Robert Evans was? Actually, you probably do — this is the guy who produced blockbusters like The Godfather, and even saved Paramount Pictures from collapse in the 60s. Directed by Simon McBurney, this play chronicles the life of one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood's history, in the midst of a changing America.

Check out this performance for a life you couldn't make up. The Kid Stays in the Picture runs at the Royal Court Theatre until 8 April. There is very limited availability, but £12 day seats will be released at 9am online every Monday of the run. Book your tickets here.

This week's top stories

Video: This Little-Used London Station Doesn't Even Offer Services Into Central London

A 12-minute shuttle journey.

Come With Us on a Trip Back to 1907 London

The city more than 100 years ago.

8 London Theatre Bars You've Got to Visit

Make a night of it at these amazing drinking spots...

This Is What the West End Looked Like in the 1950s

It's still Soho, but not as we know it.

If You're Single, It Costs 56% More to Live in London Than the Rest of the UK, Says Study

This is why your pay doesn't stretch too far.

Need a Laugh? Be Grateful This Isn't Your Address

Juvenile? Us?

In Pictures: Reasons to Love London

Fall in love again.

London's Best American Food Joints That Deliver

This is the good stuff.

Bet You Can't Read These London Jokes Without Groaning

Not a single mention of Cockfosters.

Why Is There No Outer Temple?

Only recently discovered.

In Photos: London's Brilliant Bookshops

Window shopping at its finest.

Take a Look at These Photos of London Businesspeople, Past and Present

Briefcases and bowler hats.

London in Lego

From Buckingham Palace to St Pancras.

London's Best Hash Browns

Potato win.

Is This the Croydon of the Future?

You'll never look at Croydon the same way again.

So. You're Leaving London. Here's How to Write an 'I'm Leaving London' Article

"When you come to Newcastle from London it's like someone’s applied an Instagram filter."

Some of London's Parks Have Private Police Forces - but What Do They Do?

Who ya gonna call?

Fuller's Reopen Legendary Pub Where Dylan Thomas Used to Drink

Now with 12 boutique rooms.

East London Has a Tropical-Themed Café and It's Beautiful

Don't forget to check out the loos.

Photos: London Looks Lovely in the Rain

Brollies out

Step Back in Time to the London Offices of 1963

Including a swimming pool, squash courts, and rifle range.

London Was Home to One of the World's Largest Condom Factories

Find out where the name Durex comes from

In Pictures: The River Thames at Its Best

Riverine London.

Ever Encountered This Fragment of the World Trade Center?

Chances are, you'll be alone.

Everything You'd Want to Ask a London Croupier: Answered

You'll be needing coffee... and thick skin.

How Many of These Coffee Cocktails Have You Tried?

Coffee on the rocks.

Love Spring? Check Out These Photos of London in Bloom

London's never looked so colourful

In Photos: Beautiful Brixton

A portrait of Brixton

The Statue in Parliament Damaged by Suffragettes... And Left That Way

Why are protesters so drawn to the Viscount?

We Follow the Route of the Long-Buried River Westbourne

Did you know there's a river that flows from Hampstead to Chelsea?

9 Fascinating Facts About Lambeth Bridge

Get to know the river crossing a bit better

Got 30 Seconds to Spare? Watch This Gorgeous Film of London at Night

Night in the capital.

Inside One of London's Most Important Bookshops

In the 1960s this place was visited by people from across the world

Weighing Up the Pros and Cons of Driverless Cars

Where do you stand on this issue?

Stop Everything and Watch This Gorgeous London Video

Sit back and enjoy.

Video: A Boris Bike Travels the World

That's one well travelled bike.

The Best Bloody Marys in London

One's even served in a bell pepper...

Are These the Wackiest Arcade Machines in the World?

An arcade, but not as we know it.

Tim Peake Guides You Back Down to Earth at This VR Experience

A fun, if pricey, exhibit.

@Stwiltshire Sketches an Incredible Cityscape - Just With a Quick Glance

One incredibly talented man.

The Witching Bottles Offering an Insight Into London's Past

Find out what a 'witching bottle' is, and why @MuseumofLondon collects them.

Watch This Gorgeous Timelapse Video of St Paul's Cathedral

Wren's masterpiece at its finest

Michelangelo Proves His Brilliance in This New Exhibition

Brilliant replicas complete the story.

The Bar Where You Inhale Your Cocktail Instead of Drinking It

Alcoholic Dip Dabs, you say?

13 Awesome Exhibitions for Celebrating Women's History Month

An impressive range.

Enzo's Kitchen Is the Go-To for Delicious Sicilian Food

A new foodie hotspot.

1000 Free Copies of This London Book Are Being Given Away

A novel idea.

Become an Art Collector and Check Out the Talented Art Fair

Check out this art fair.

Could Greewich Be Your New Home?

Affordable housing?

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