Best Of Londonist: 12 March 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

Results of Holborn Station Standing-Only Escalators Revealed

Was TfL right?

These Former London Churches Have Been Repurposed as Museums, Mosques and Swimming Pools

Museums, restaurants and antiques shops.

London's Best Hummus

These restaurants have mastered the art of hummus

In Pictures: London's Hidden Architecture

" I quite like the fact that the original Victorian builders most likely never saw the space fully lit like it is in the photo"

The Great Fire Didn't Burn Everything in the City...

Where to see medieval survivals in London

The Most Important Museum You've Probably Never Heard Of

Little-known but brilliant museum to explore.

Take a Look at What London Was Like in the 1950s

Markets, smog and zoo animals

Don't Waste Your Monday Night - It's the Best Time to Visit These Places

Make Mondays the new Fridays

London's Trendiest Afternoon Teas

Sometimes even The Ritz isn't cool enough.

Ever Noticed the Piece of the Berlin Wall, Hiding in Plain Sight in London?

Proving, perhaps, that London really does have a little bit of everything

In Photos: London's Dogs

Canine capers in the city.

Teeny Tiny London Shops

Shop owners get creative

In Pictures: What the East End Looked Like in the 1930s

See what the docks looked like before City Airport was built.

London's Cutest City Farms


Have You Tried London's Largest Pizzas?

We've tracked down London's hugest pizzas

In Pictures: London's Lost Football Stadiums

Step back in time.

8 Secrets of London Zoo

It inspired the logo of which well-known company?

A London Museum Unlike Any Other

Including a cocktail called This Is Not A Brothel…

Great London Toilets: Carlyle's House in Chelsea

Dickens, Thackeray and Brontë probably used it.

See How Times Have Changed in These Photos of Dalston From the 80s

Back when it was a lesser-known corner of east London

Did You Know About This 25 Acre Lavender Field on the Outskirts of London?


Sample the Delights of a 1950s Soho Coffee House

It's where all the hip young jive cats are hanging out, daddio.

See Intimate Portraits of Amy Winehouse

An incredible talent.

Why We Shouldn't Take the Modern London Bridge for Franted

Travis Elborough explains.

Harrods Hasn't Changed Much - or Has It?

Ah, for the days when you could buy a fourposter bed for £25

Been to the Micropubs of Northfields?

No music, no fuss, just great beer.

Step Into Moulin Rouge's Montmartre With @Secretcinema

Here's what we can tell you

The Days When You Could Buy a Plane From Selfridges

A marketing time capsule.

What's It Like to Look After Tower Bridge?

Ever wondered who oversees it?

Was This London's Most Ridiculous Riot?

Like Derren Brown not bothering to show up.

These Poems Should Be Plastered on Underground Trains

"Chuck in a line about some joker weaving in and out on a kick scooter, and this poem could have been written yesterday"

How London Acquired a Taste for Horse Meat

In the good times, in the tough times, and in recent times.

A Forgotten Rifle Range Beneath Bloomsbury

Still with us today.

The Witching Bottles Offering an Insight Into London's Past

Find out what a 'witching bottle' is, and why @MuseumofLondon collects them.

Video: The Barbican Estate

A concrete statement

Did You Know That Queen Victoria Was a Shoemaker?

Did you know that Queen Victoria was a shoemaker? Insightful video from @MuseumofLondon.

How to Make: 17th-Century Inspired Gingerbread

So simple

Video: Junkyard Golf Has Had a Facelift

Meet Gary, Bozo and Pablo

A Pop Art Extravaganza at the British Museum

'Pay Attention Motherf****rs'.

8 Exhibitions to See (And 2 to Avoid) in London Right Now

A helping hand to plan your weekend

Fake News, Ghost Hoaxes and Urban Myths Explored

A thought-provoking day

Affordable Events This Week in London

Have fun and save up those pennies

How Can Biscuits Explain London's Buildings?

Learn in just three minutes.

Buying Great Art Just Got Easier

"I liked his work *before* he was famous".

Come to the Lyric Hammersmith's New Show

17 again...

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