Go Dotty Losing Yourself In Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room At Victoria Miro

Yayoi Kusama, Victoria Miro ★★★★☆

Tabish Khan
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Last Updated 02 October 2018

Go Dotty Losing Yourself In Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room At Victoria Miro Yayoi Kusama, Victoria Miro 4
Here's a glimpse of what the new infinity room looks like. © Yayoi Kusama.

Polka dot queen Yayoi Kusama is back at Victoria Miro Gallery with another infinity room. For the uninitiated, an infinity room is mirrored on both sides so it looks like the room stretches infinitely. This version is populated with spheres that pulse with different coloured lights in the darkness to create an amazing atmospheric effect — think a polka dot indoor version of an aurora borealis.

These installations are what make Kusama's exhibitions such a draw, and for those looking for that special selfie it's a must visit. When her work was shown in New York last year, people were queuing for 4-5 hours in the bitter cold just to see them. Those who've been to NYC know their winter is much colder than ours, that's some hardcore queuing.

Last time the works were shown at this very gallery, many people queued for hours. Thankfully a ticketing system has been put in place this time though they are selling out fast — at time of writing all Saturdays and all October tickets are gone.

It's not just an infinity room - these oversized flowers are outside the back of the gallery. Photo: Thierry Bal.

We've been in many of these infinity rooms and they are simply dazzling. A childlike wonderment sets in when we venture inside, into a polka dot dimension where we wish we could live forever. Stepping out from the colourful room, the normal world looks dull and boring. Because this new room is not fundamentally different to any we've been in before, there's a part of us that wants to dislike it on the basis that it's not innovating in any way. But it's so magical that we can't help but love it. It's like a favourite chocolate bar — as long as we don't have too much in one go, we'll keep coming back for the same thing.

Plus her trademark pumpkins are back too. Photo Thierry Bal.

There's only one infinity room but there's a whole show to accompany it, and nobody has to queue to see the rest of the works. The colourful polka dot pumpkins, giant flowers and paintings all take us deeper into Kusama's wacky world. It's not as immersive as the room, but it's still a collection of joyous works.

The bright paintings on the very top floor seem a bit all over the place and are arguably the one letdown in the show.

The top floor holds her paintings. Copyright Yayoi Kusama.

Ultimately every visitor is here for the infinity room and it delivers yet again. For those who can't find an available date to visit, we'd suggest chancing it by turning up at a quiet time. As with all free tickets, we're certain some people who have booked won't show and that should allow for some walk-ins. Though bear in mind there may be others trying this trick so there's likely to be a few chancers around.

Yayoi Kusama: The Moving Moment When I Went To The Universe is on at Victoria Miro Gallery, Wharf Road, until 21 December 2018. Entrance is free but ticketed.