The Best London Instagram Accounts

Harry Rosehill
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The Best London Instagram Accounts

Instagram — a wonderful way to view the world around us from an individual's unique perspective. Or something that's alright to mindlessly scroll through on loo breaks. However you feel about Instagram, there are some excellent shots of London out there, and — I don't know if you've noticed yet — we love London.

So without further ado here are the best London Instagram accounts to follow:

Look Up London

Keeping your eyes at ground level, and you miss so much of what London has to offer. Step in Katie, AKA Look Up London, who focuses on all the thing your average Londoner fails to see because they're too busy staring at their shoes.

Tube Patterns

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We love the assortment of patterns that decorate London's tube stations, making our daily commute just that little bit more bearable. Tube Patterns collects the best.


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Efe's an incredibly talented photography, and we just can't get enough of how still he makes the Thames look. Gorgeous stuff.

Barbican Centre

What makes Barbican's account stand above other London institutions' is its Instagrammer in residence programme. They invite a talented photographer to take over their account for a month, presenting the brutalist masterpiece in a new light.


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Ahh beer. Boy, do we love the stuff. But nowhere near as much as south London's resident slackers over at Deserter.

Museum of London

Is this not the best piece of promotion for an exhibition you've ever seen? Fatberg aside, check out the Museum of London's feed for plenty of fascinating tidbits about the city.


This Instagrammer keeps himself shrouded in mystery, but his shots of London are so stunning we don't mind.

London street nameplates

We've previously covered this account, but we like it so much that it's worth shouting it out twice. Who knew there were so many different varieties for something as mundane as a street sign?

Bus stops of London

A real does-what-it-says-on-the-tin offering here, Bus stops of London, takes photos of London's bus stops. All on 35mm film and all very pretty.


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Free climbers garner a mixed response — to say the least — from the public. People who're into it tend to be really into it though, and if you've got the bug then be sure to check out Spidergirl. Just don't go copying her antics though, eh?

New Brutalism

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If the inclusion of the Barbican wasn't enough of a hint, we really love brutalism — so we present expert of the architectural style Simon Phipps. The account isn't entirely dedicated to London, taking the odd jaunt around the rest of the nation, but he always returns to the Big Smoke. Check out his favourite underrated London brutalist masterpieces.

London viewpoints

Lots of Instagrammers get up on high to take views of London. What makes Michael's account so special, are the behind-the-scenes looks at how he captures these beauties.


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Did you really think we'd miss out on the chance for some shameless self-promotion... (But seriously, please check out our account).

Got any favourite accounts we've missed out? Let us know down in the comments.

Last Updated 20 March 2018