Iconic Film Character Statues Unveiled In Leicester Square

By Alex Corey Last edited 53 months ago

Last Updated 28 February 2020

Iconic Film Character Statues Unveiled In Leicester Square
Visitors take photos of Paddington Bear positioned on bench in Leicester Square.

Leicester Square is usually full of excitement, but now visitors can now watch their favourite film characters come to life.

Yesterday, thanks to the Heart of London Business Alliance and Westminster City Council, bronze statues of nine legendary film characters were unveiled in Leicester Square.

When you first enter the Square, there's a map guiding you to where beloved characters are, although you won't need any help spotting the first few.

Map of Scenes in the Square

Sitting on a bench facing the front of the Shakespeare statue is the eccentric Mr. Bean dressed in his signature smirk and suit. He was by far the most popular attraction, as onlookers waited in line just to have their picture taken next to the incompetent goof.

Mr. Bean sitting on bench in Leicester Square

Just around the corner is Bugs Bunny, surrounded by his favourite snack — carrots — as well as his trusty mailbox.

Bugs Bunny popping out of flower bed in Leicester Square

To the right of everyone's favourite rabbit is Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain, re-enacting his famous lamppost swing.

There also lies airy Mary Poppins. A group of school girls stood staring up in awe of the fictional nanny, waiting to take a photo under her magical umbrella, possibly hoping to fly away with her.

Mary Poppins floating on air in Leicester Square

Speaking of powerful women, in honour of the upcoming film Wonder Woman 1984, you can find the titular superhero as she dramatically busts through one of the walls in the square.

Thinking about eating your lunch in the square? Enjoy a meal with Paddington Bear, who is depicted eating his trademark marmalade sandwich (how many statues can one bear possibly need?).

Paddington Bear eating a marmalade sandwich in Leicester Square

The remaining statues do not lie on ground-level, but up above. Catch Batman keeping a watchful eye over those below, as the caped crusader stands mighty atop the Odeon Luxe Theatre.

Last but certainly not least, the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy teeter hand in hand of the edge of the TKTS booth roof. They're only a few metres high, but the classic scene referenced takes place on a skyscraper from the 1929 film Liberty.

Comedy duo Laurel and Hardy leaning off the edge of TKTS booth in Leicester Square

These statues are here to stay long-term and free of charge, so check them out when you get the chance.

For more infomation visit Heart of London Business Aliance.