Photos Of Knockers (Not That Kind)

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 22 months ago
Photos Of Knockers (Not That Kind)

Knock knock.

Who's there?

These photos of London door knockers.

Photo: Dun.can.

This pair of elephants guard the doors of Cutlers' Hall on Warwick Lane. The elephant is the livery company's symbol, thought to references the ivory used to heft swords, knives and the like.

Photo: Richardr.

Here's another fine knocker from a livery company, this one the Merchant Taylor's Hall. The sheep here represents the lamb of God. It sometimes appears holding a flag.

Photo: Matt Brown.

Knock all you like on this strange padded door in Cambridge Heath. No one will hear you.

Photo: Richardr.

The knocker on the front of Dennis Sever's house, Norton Folgate. Notice the modern fish eye lens? The house's motto is Aut Visum Aut Non - 'You either see it or you don't'.

Photo: Stephanie Sadler.

The knocker on this Portobello Market door probably represents one of the winged messengers, Apollo or Hermes.

Photo: Andrea Liu.

We'd like to own this door on Sydney Street, Chelsea, and everything behind it.


Another lion, this one decidedly morose. It could be because he guards the Julius Beer mausoleum in Highgate Cemtery.

Photo: @fotochap.

A Foxy knocker on Columbia Road, east London.

Photo: Terry Moran.

This knocker on Drury Lane has sizable, er protuberances. The Latin inscription means 'Honour to God'.

Photo: Dave McGowan.

Come again?

Photo: Matt Brown.

Well this Spitalfields door knocker is handy.

Photo: M. J. (trailerfullofpix).

It's no use, we can't find the bell. We'll have to knock instead.

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