Photos Of Dalston In The 80s

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 27 months ago
Photos Of Dalston In The 80s

In the spring of 1984, fashion photographer Andrew Holligan moved from the glitz and glam of New York to Dalston. Back then it wasn't the gentrification and fad hub it is today; in Holligan's own words it was like "the back of beyond".

Over the next two years, Holligan found himself consumed with the area he lived in and decided to capture the area and its people with a 1950s Rolleiflex camera. Hoxton Mini Press collected these photos, publishing Dalston In The 80s.

The book features handwritten annotations from Holligan where he gives background on the pictures. There are some interesting recurring characters, like the man constantly beneath his car's bonnet... and Prince Philip even pops up.

There's more than just the individuals that draw a modern audience into these pictures, it's how they portray an area that jars with its modern incarnation after such a short space of time.

Dalston In The 80s is out now, order it from Hoxton Mini Press.

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Last Updated 09 March 2017