This Minecraft Artist Created A Whole Other London To Explore

This Minecraft Artist Created A Whole Other London To Explore
Hyde Park with Queen's Cross Station tower (modelled after St Pancras), St Notch's Cathedral dome and the Gherkin. The Lundon flag is on one of the hot air balloons

Christina Eneroth is from Lund in Sweden. She was planning to go on a city break to London, when the Covid-19 pandemic surfaced.

Tower Bridge and the balloons from the other side.

So instead of visiting the UK, Eneroth dug up her old Minecraft server, which she started back in 2011 after studying for five months in London, and rediscovered her own bricky interpretation of London instead. She calls her Minecraft city: Lundon.

The city centre from when The Shard was constructed.
Fake house concealing the tracks of the green line.

The largest city on the server, Lundon is a blocky, parallel dimension, featuring Queen's Cross station, Albert station, Royal Victoria Hall, Trafalgar Trapezoid and Bukkitham Palace [the server runs on a software called Bukkit].

Lundon from above
Suburban station. In the background Jebminster Abbey, Royal Garden greenhouse, Lundon City Hall, Battersea Crafting Station and The Shard.

And now. Lundon is growing once more. Eneroth tells Londonist: "There are about nine minecart lines, and I'm just building the first tangential line around Lundon, giving you the choice of different routes with different interchanges even between the two same stations."

Last Updated 09 April 2020