Lego Batman In London

Will Noble
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Last Updated 03 February 2017

Lego Batman In London

A caped crusader stand on a ledge, his cape flapping in the wind. He is 4cm tall, and made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. He is Lego Batman.

These hero holiday snaps of Batman and his special friend Robin are the work of photographer Andrew Whyte, a self-proclaimed 'Legographer'.

London feels massive at the best of times, so imagine how tough it is when you're a fifth the height of a step.

Like the red telephone box, Batman has weathered the decades well, becoming a cultural icon.

Here, he cleverly poses to look bigger than a Whitehall horse.

While here, he shows his London nous by standing in front of the bat-esque Price Waterhouse Cooper building.  

"Quick, Robin, this bloody thing's starting to slope!"

Master Wayne is not afraid to take on this flock of humongous flying rats.  

"Well I don't have an Uber account either."

Black cab beats Batmobile any day.