Art Of The Brick: New LEGO Show Comes To London In March

Last Updated 19 February 2024

Art Of The Brick: New LEGO Show Comes To London In March

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A LEGO man pulling himself apart
The last London Art of the Brick exhibition was in London in 2017.

Talk about a BLOCKbuster exhibition.

Art of the Brick The Immersive Experience — an exhibition featuring over 90 LEGO sculptures by artist Nathan Sawaya — comes to Shoreditch this March.

A red, blue and yellow figure made from LEGO
90 sculptures are made up of over a million LEGO bricks.

Among the frankly incredible sculptures made from the colourful plastic bricks are interpretations of famous art masterpieces, such as Michelangelo's David, and The Scream by Edvard Munch. There will also be a giant T-rex skull, and Perniciem — with its LEGO likenesses of endangered animals such as tigers.

All in all, the show — which runs from 6 March-12 May 2024 uses over a million LEGO bricks.

A man with a LEGO t rex skull
Wouldn't put your fingers there mate...

What's 'immersive' about Art of the Brick? We're told there's '3D video mapping' and 'a soaring musical score', although surely the biggest draw will be the area where visitors can build their own LEGO creations. It's the simple pleasures in life.

Klimt's The Kiss in LEGO
Looks somehow familiar...

Though it's being billed as 'all new', some of the pieces might look familiar to you, including a giant version of 'Yellow' — the sculpture of a figure ripping their chest asunder, the original of which starred in London's first Art of the Brick show back in 2014.

A LEGO version of The Scream
Famous artworks are recreated in LEGO.

Art of the Brick The Immersive Experience, Exhibition Hub, Shoreditch, 6 March-12 May 2024