An Artist Illustrated Every Single Bizarre Day Of 2020 In London

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An Artist Illustrated Every Single Bizarre Day Of 2020 In London
Day 77 - The last loaf.

Everyone reacted to the pandemic in their own way. Illustrator Tim King simply continued doing what he does best — capturing images of everyday London life.

Day 86 - #ClapForOurCarers

Putting pen to scraps of paper, face masks — and in one case, a discarded orange peel— King recorded every single day from a bizarre 2020: clapping for carers, Black Lives Matter, tonsil swabs, drive-thru shisha parties and a Christmas spent away from the family.

Day 120 - What it feels like to do the Coronavirus home test. Image made using materials from the kit.

Not only are these snapshots artistically accomplished, they're so relatable: in many cases King took snippets from overheard conversations. We can all recognise that person outside the shop informing a queue jumper :"It's one in, one out, mate."

Day 139 - One in one out at the corner shop.

Says the illustrator: "What I find interesting is that in a year of such massive news, it was changes to the seemingly 'smallest' aspects of daily routines that had the biggest impact on our lives. The things we always took for granted, from how we shop to how we work, entertain ourselves and interact."

Day 168 - Streets of Lewisham.

King is now putting his 366 drawings (2020 was a leap year), into a book. A Kickstarter project has already reached its goal. Keep an eye on news of the book's launch on King's Instagram and website.

Day 176 - It’s not summer in London ‘til you see a topless guy pop a Santander wheelie.
Day 191 - Grease at a drive in cinema on Blackheath.
Day 214 - Alcohol.
Day 221 - 3 lads playing darts in a bush at Greenwich Park.
Day 234 - Coppers and kebabs.
Day 241 - Station greetings.
Day 274 - There’s a queue forming at the telephone box library.
Day 288 - After 10pm, cars pull up at an industrial estate in Perivale for some drive through shisha.
Day 291 - Deptford High Street display.
Day 295 - There’s always one…
Day 312 - discarded orange man
Day 322 - Property predictions.
Day 327 - Packed out parks.
Day 349 - Facemask fight! Grown ups threatening kids on the train.
Day 355 - London is empty.
Day 359 - Xmas eve catch ups when the pubs are closed.
Day 362 - Out of bounds catch ups.

All images © Tim King

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