How Long Is The City's Crash-Landed Korean House Sticking Around For?

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How Long Is The City's Crash-Landed Korean House Sticking Around For?

A little while back, a traditional Korean house fell from the sky, crash landing onto a disused pedestrian bridge in the City.

The fun artwork from Do Ho Suh, was part of Sculpture in the City and we expected it to be brightening up the office block-dominated Wormwood Street for the next few months. But then, those months came and went. Then it had been in place for over a year. Nearly 18 months later, we'd started to hear some exciting rumblings that the sculpture might be made permanent.

So we got in touch with Sculpture in the City to find out what's going on.

They said they'd initially planned to keep it just till April 2019, but then decided to keep it on for another year. Now it's coming up to April 2020 when they're meant to get rid of it. Except that decision hasn't been confirmed, and they're weighing up the possibility of keeping it in place for another year.

Here's hoping that the artwork can stay in situ till at least 2021, at which point we're sure Sculpture in the City will face the same dilemma over whether to scrap it or not once more. And hopefully it will be reprieved each year, sticking out like a sore thumb among the City's suits forever more.

Last Updated 12 February 2020