Get Ready For The Best Of Banksy

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Get Ready For The Best Of Banksy
Banksy brings some much needed toxicity to the saccharine Singing Butler.

There's no British artist more widely loved than Banksy, whoever he, she or they might be, (just to keep things simple we'll stick to he in this article). He has the ability to appeal to people who have no interest in visiting galleries and his astute political commentary is always on the money.

While he's best known for his work out on the streets, here's a rare chance to see a collection of his works in a gallery setting. The works will be on display at Lazinc, and one of its co-owners Steve Lazarides was Banksy's original gallerist:

Banksy has always been able to transform a very complicated subject matter into its lowest common denominator, democratising the art world and making it accessible to all

Show me the Monet has the waterlily pond looking more like the Wandle.

We've been promised a 'greatest hits' style exhibition including his stencils, prints and some of his famous works including balloon girl and the flower lobbing Love is in the air.  Though there won't be any examples of works created on the streets.

Works will be on sale but given how much his prices have gone up visitors will need deep pockets if they want to purchase one.

Banksy's sunflowers were purchased from the petrol station.

As with any Banksy exhibition it won't be endorsed by the anonymous artists himself, especially seeing as Lazarides and Banksy haven't spoken in years.

Expect a political, fun and most of all busy exhibition.

Banksy, Greatest Hits: 2002-2008 will be at Lazinc, Mayfair from 12 July - 8 September. It will be free to visit.

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