Photos Of Londoners On The Night Bus

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 26 months ago
Photos Of Londoners On The Night Bus

For his book, On The Night Bus, street photographer Nick Turpin took a series of shots of Londoners travelling through the night. Turpin spent two winters at Elephant and Castle, capturing passengers make their way through the night.

The fogged up windows distort the images and present an optical illusion of sorts. It drags subjects in and out of focus at will, giving the images incredible poignancy.

These are images that all Londoners can relate to: from doodling with a finger in the window to resting one's eyes after a long day. There is a layer of separation between the viewer and subject, however, due to the nature of the photographs, with Turpin looking in at his unsuspecting targets from the outside. This combination makes the images feel near and far at the same time — and is what makes them so engaging.

The book features an introduction from acclaimed author Will Self.

You can purchase On The Night Bus via Hoxton Mini Press.

Last Updated 16 November 2016