Isn't Carshalton A Gorgeous Place?

By Daan Deol Last edited 75 months ago
Isn't Carshalton A Gorgeous Place?
A view of North Street Bridge with All Saints Church in the background. Photo: Mike T

A suburb of Sutton, Carshalton is full of stunning sights for visitors and locals to enjoy. Although it's less than 10 miles from Charing Cross, it feels like you're out in the countryside, with a rich history and lots of quirky spots to explore.

Ann Boleyn's well can be seen just in front of the church pictured above. Photo: Matt Brown
This mill dates back into the Middle Ages, and its speculated that this is the mill mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086. Photo: Mike T
The Woodman wine bar. Photo: Matt Brown
The Carshalton Water Tower, a Grade II listed building which used to provide water to Carshalton House and garden fountains. Photo: Andrew Smith
Carshalton's All Saints Church. Photo: Matt Brown
The Grotto, Carshalton (Photo: Mike T)
The Hope, a popular pub located near Carshalton ponds. Photo: Will Noble
Mayfield Lavender grows lavender on 25 acres in Carshalton. Photo: Mike King
The Greyhound Hotel overlooks Carshalton Ponds and Park. Photo: Mike T
The Sun hotel and pub. Photo: Tony Monblat
The Grove. Photo: Mike T

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