An 'Accidentally Wes Anderson' Exhibition Is Coming To Shoreditch

An 'Accidentally Wes Anderson' Exhibition Is Coming To Shoreditch
A bright yellow building with a stunning snowy mountain backdrop
Image by @matthijsvmierlo - not Wes Anderson.

Instagram sensation Accidentally Wes Anderson comes to Shoreditch this October — with an immersive exhibition inviting you to 'step inside' the photos.

As the name suggests, Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA) is a feed of kaleidoscopic images that could have been (but weren't) taken from scenes by the film director behind the likes of Grand Budapest Hotel and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Think pastel-hued hotels, retro train carriages and a plentitude of chin-strokingly stylish symmetry.

A Japanese train guard in grey suit and hat leans out the window of a turquoise and pink train door
Another image that wasn't taken by Wes Anderson.

To celebrate the launch of a new set of postcards, AWA is setting up a 17-day 'city-hopping sensory adventure from Tokyo to Ohio', courtesy of some of the most popular pics from its feed.

A pink, grand, imperial hotel looking building
Grand Budapest Hotel? Actually, no. @valentina_jacks

Visitors to One Hundred Shoreditch will be able to explore 3D model recreations of the postcard scenes, as well as have the opportunity to buy AWA merch, including the spin-off book and postcards.

Accidentally Wes Anderson, One Hundred Shoreditch, 25 October-13 November 2022, free

Last Updated 18 October 2022